Bamboo touch and pen graphics tablet

I’ve taken the plunge and bought myself a Wacom Bamboo Touch and Pen graphics tablet (CTH-470). The conclusion, it’s amazing!

The Bamboo tablet was very easy to install and came with lots of tutorials talking over all the main features of the graphics tablet. After about half an hour the graphics tablet is very intuitive and I found I didn’t want to put it down.

Over Christmas I was bought Photoshop Elements 10 – you can get some fantastic deals on Photoshop Elements so it’s worth looking out for them. Photoshop Elements isn’t quite Photoshop but for someone just starting out with digital illustration or photo editing it’s perfect and well worth the price. I’ve used Photoshop demos before so the user interface wasn’t too much of a shock.

One of the main draws which the tablet has for me over using a notepad and pen is that I like to learn by tracing. Using the tablet it’s really easy to upload an image, add an overlay over the top and start tracing the image. It’s quite good to quickly get the feel of shapes and much easier if you make a mistake than paper (you can just hit the undo button rather than scrabbling for the rubber). Though I’m sure many purist artists would say that it’s cheating and that I’m missing vital lessons by taking this route, in my defence I’ve tried this route before and keep on getting dishearted and giving up, so this is just a different approach to encourage me by trying it a different way.

Over the next few weeks I’m planning on learning how to use the tablet and improve my drawing. I’ve even come up with a new ideas for a slightly different art related blog, so stay tuned for how I get on.