BootStrap from Twitter

Today I heard about Bootstrap from Twitter and decided to take a look. Bootstrap is a collection of HTML & CSS conventions and was developed by Twitter as a single conventions library. Bootstrap is pure CSS and HTML which has been tested and works on all modern web-browsers. It is very well documented with some great examples. I’m amazed at how little code can be written which achieves very powerful results. The examplehero.html page alone gives a good basic example of using the library to rapidly create well designed, well structured feature rich designs. The docsindex.html page though is amazing and really demonstrates the simplicity and power of the Bootstrap library.

Another tool is Less also from Twitter which is a powerful style sheet language which extends CSS. Less is basically CSS with the addition of global variables and nested styles, two things which are most definitely missing from CSS in my mind. You can then run the .less file through the Less tool and it will generate the CSS for you (my preferred option), or include the .less file and it’ll generate the CSS from the on the fly. Less is certainly something to be looked at by anyone doing web development as it massively simplifies the task of editing and getting right your CSS files.

Using Bootstrap for only a couple of minutes and taking a look though the code has already taught me a lot. I’m certainly going to go back over my implementation and reimplement several things. Less is a pretty great tool too.

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