Wonders of the humble £1 shop

Pound CoinsThe UK has seen a seen a large rise in £1 shops, where you’ve guessed it everything costs £1. My recent acquisitions include an 5-in-1 card reader, 4 port USB hub and some phone styluses (for artwork apps), totally a whapping £3. If I went to a high street shop (or even online) I would be looking at a total of more than £10 for something of similar specifications. What is also amazing is that the items are of reasonable quality and should certainly last a good amount of time. The styluses for example are perfect for what I needed them for, easy to use & hold, and much better quality than some styluses I’d previously bought for £5 elsewhere.

So if you want some computer accessories I do recommend trying out the £1 shops, you may be surprised what you come out with.